Monday, July 25, 2016

Reviews of Book One

Book reviews of Book One "Twin Lakes"

These are people who read a copy of book one that my son has.
They are associates of his. I do not know these people personally.

Mr. Huls
I have read your wonderful book "Twin Lakes" and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I admire the fact that you have found the chance to start chasing a life long dream of yours.
So in short, I hope to one day to sit and share your stories and your dream as a truly talented writer. I cant wait for the rest of the books.
Thank you for taking the time to bring joy to this world of more downs then ups.
God Bless your family.
A truly wonderful rollercoaster ride cant wait for book two, love the Nemekans.

Justin Wheeler
Lovington,  New Mexico


Dear Stephen Huls,
Thank you for sending your book its a very fascinating well made book. I've talked to your son about the theories you added to the book and they are all very interesting. I must say you lit a good fire underneath me and I hope you send parts of the second book. A little slow to start but once it gets started you can't put it down. Keep it up.

Mario Sandoval

Lovington, New Mexico


Whats been happening of late?

Well just a little insight into whats been happening.

Sent book one info off to 2 publishers waiting to hear back.
Still may need to find a way to go the Bookbaby self publishing route. Not sure.
Have to save up or presale enough books or ? to get the 3,000 needed to start the final process.

Book 2 is slowly coming along when I can write.
My wifes recovery is slow but she is getting better from her back surgery.

My eldest daughter Kalecia has once again been found with a new tumor in the same location of the last one, most likely cancerous they say. Still looking into Drs etc. at this time as its only been a few weeks since discovered. Drs thus far are not too positive talking about how to extend her quality of life stuff, for me that is the wrong answer, as I desire to find a way to fight these tumor / cancer and hope to help my daughter beat it again. She is now 23yrs.

Other issues, working hard in construction and the drama's there.
Planning on publishing as soon as I can figure out the finances or a publisher.

That's my little update for now.

Stephen Huls

Monday, January 18, 2016

Wife finally had back surgery and finally got her home.

January 14 at 7:55pm
Update: my wife finally had her back surgery this week. we are expecting my daughter to bring her home from up north by tomorrow night. All seems to have gone well.
I have also been able to fix some other drama's and things in our lives at least for the moment.
In time I hope to be able to re save the monies needed for publishing this book series. Only time will tell. and lots of hard work, extra evening construction jobs as they come, so hopefully but 2017 I can make enough and save enough to finally start this next step.... publishing book 1.

January 16 at 5:59am
New update, they did not allow my wife to leave hospital yesterday, due to oxygen issues... my daughter says they will release her today, I am preparing to leave to go to Provo Utah a few hours north to pick them up today. Sounds like we will be stopping every 20 min or so in order to let her walk for a few minutes on the way home, Drs orders, as she will have to sit in reclined van seat for this journey... as her new remolded back requires this for the journey home. So I hope in the next 2-4 months of recovery this whole things is worth it and she will finally be able to live with out the pains of the last 2+ yrs. Well time to go warm up the frozen van. We got snow storm yesterday 4 inches in valley roads were.. well interesting for driving yesterday, today just looks all frozen, but hey its warm this am, in the 20's !

January 18 evening.
Finally got my wife home. Saturday night,. now to start the long road to recovery, they fused 3 lower vertebrae and 6 screws are in place. so now dealing with the results for the next few months to a year. Remodeled the bathroom with metal bars by toilet and shower for her to use for safety this week end as well. still working hard during the days, and will start more evening work for a while to help with medical as well as repair vehicles... So life is about the same as always for us.
That's the update.

Book on hold as for publishing goes..
I will figure out how to add my paypal acct to this blog so in the future I can try a self fundraiser for the book. Just an Idea.  Or ?. I will figure out something someday to succeed at this.


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Update on whats happening Dec 2015

Well good news was not a hernia, but a bunch of scar tissue with a faty growth that is causing the issues.. so no surgery for me.

 Wife will have new insurance next year so her back surgery is scheduled for Jan 12 2016, that will put her down for next 3+months.

 Working extra evenings/weekend construction jobs to help fund our copay for her surgery. No time to write with life, and all the drama happening at this time, no way yet to return to saving for the publication of Book ...1 at this time, we shall have to see what summer of 2016 brings.

Getting burned out on construction as maybe getting too old and broken to keep doing what I have done for over 22yrs now. Not that young anymore... such is reality. 

 Well thats the current update, hope all had a Merry Christ-mas... Live your dreams, work hard, study hard, and never give up....

 Some day the book series will be published, for I will never give up on this dream.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

book update

Not much happening yet on this project.
Life happens...working on finding new insurance for wife so she can have a back surgery, then I became injured at work, facing possible 2nd hyrnia a few weeks..
interesting how life tosses trails at you.
But some day, some how, I will finish this project. never say never always keep striving to achieve your goals, eventually you long as one never quits.

as time permits (which is limited) I am working on book 2 in the series. The story really is getting interesting now.

S. Huls

Sunday, October 25, 2015

When will Book 1 be published?

Just another update

I maybe looking at next summer before I am able to fund myself the needed 3 thousand for the basic needs of self publishing as stated in other postings.

With work, business and other issues any extra funds I can earn will need to go towards these issues 1st. Priorities are a fact of living.

Eventually I will be able to earn the funds on my own, will just take a good while it seems before book 1 is published.
Book 2 in in the works, but been on hold a while due to the above issues of lifes needs.

To have a dream is good, to work it as best we can is important and needed. However when life hands you trials and issues one if forced to deal with 1st then the dreams have always been put aside to deal with the realities of life.
This does not eliminate the goal nor the dreams however life does have a way of postponing them.

I look forward to being able to finally self-publish some day in the future. That is an eventuality that will happen for sure. Just not sure when.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Helping the "Country Nook' get started!

After 5 + weeks of remodel of this 100+yr old cinder-block/plaster barbershop we have a reborn building called the Country Nook.

Walls repaired and reborn with Italian Decorative Stucco/Plaster and ceilings as well. Old barn and fence woods used for coverings and decoration. Trimmed out with Aspen logs from the near by Fish Lake Forest. 

Country Nook is a craft consignment store filled mainly with locally made items. 
Like Country Nook on facebook to learn more. The last pictures are of the store on opening day.

 Country Nook remodel done.

There is much to see at the Country Nook most is made in the USA by our Local county Crafters and Artists.

The Website is still being created so check out the Facebook site for updates and special deals as well as the website as they add to it all the time in the on going effort to place all the neat things in the store on line for your viewing and purchasing.
 I have once again begin the slow process of saving funds towards my goal of $3,000 minimum in order to have my book published in a good way. We do not have a date in the future since all funds were spent to help the Country Nook get started. Such is what dads do for their daughters. Eventually this 1st book will be available to all the world. 
May take months or even years to save this amount on our budget, we shall see. 
If some extra after work drywall jobs or Decorative Finishes come available a large portion will go towards the costs of publishing.